Sicco Rood interviews meditation teachers of various wisdom traditions

Sicco Rood interviews meditation teachers of various wisdom traditions

Lives in the Anza Borrego desert.
Interests: Podcasting
Location: US

MF 48 - Mindful Communications with Gregory Cheffron

MF 47 - Questioning solitary confinement and the Prison Industrial Complex with Johnny Perez

MF 46 - Reconnecting with Nature through Eco-Therapy with Laurel Vogel

MF 45 - Stepping Out of The Busy-ness of Daily Life Into The Sanctuary of Our Heart with Bruce Davis

MF 44 - The Role of Mindfulness, Gratitude, & Peace Practice in Islam with Rose Hamid

MF 44 - The Role of Mindfulness Gratitude Peace Practice in Islam with Rose Hamid

MF 43 - OMG I can Meditate! Guided Meditations to Help Develop a Regular Meditation Habit with Lynne Goldberg

MF 42 - A Life Time Commitment to Zen Meditation Practice after 12 Steps with Sandy Haskin

MF 41 - Best Wishes for 2016 and Timeless Moments

MF 40 - Sound Healing Meditation & Resonance with Mark and Denise

MF 39 - Bringing Stillness and Peace to Interactions between the Police and Communities

MF 38 - Building a Meditation Practice in Isolated Circumstances with Wild Mind Teacher and Founder Bodhipaksa

MF 37 - Seeing through the Illusion of Separation with Lama Surya Das

MF 36 - The Value of Meditation Retreats and Community

MF 35 - Why Authenticity and Getting Real Matters - Mark Shapiro of the One & Only Podcast

MF 034 - The Benefits of Self-Discipline in a Meditation Practice

Reducing Destructive Behaviors Like Bullying by Using Mindfulness in Schools with Laura Bekosh

MF 32 - Mindfulness and Meditation in Schools and Education with Alan Brown

MF 31 - From Rags to Riches to Opening the Heart with Entrepeneur Jason Garner

Ep 30 - Liberation from Mental Suffering with Buddhist Female Monk Ven Pannavati

MF 29 - Why Gratitude Mindfulness Practice with Kristina and Sicco

Ep 28 - Silent Illumination and Rolling Thunder

MF 27 - Meditation and Mindfulness Research with Amanda Gilbert

MF 26 - How to Bring Meditation and Mindfulness into the Workplace (Without Weirdness!)

MF 25 - Charlie Ambler Creator of The Daily Zen

Ep 24 - Guided Meditation with Kristina Rood and Ocean Wave Sounds

MF 23 - Guided Meditation for Present Moment to Moment Attention and Awareness with Sicco Rood

MF 22 - Solo Episode about Recklessness as a Way into Attention Awareness and Consciousness Practices

MF 21 Zen Student John Martin of the Diamond Sangha Interview

MF 20 Mindfulness and Sustainable Design with Ed Earl Interview

MF 19 - Interview with Melli O'Brien - Mindfulness Teacher in Australia

MF-18 - Jeena Cho -The Mindful and Resilient Lawyer

MF 017 Tania de Jong - Australian Soprano - social entrepreneur, business woman and motivational speaker

MF 16 - Tom Richter Yoga Instructor and Meditator

MF 15 - Michel Dion - Business Executive Headspace Meditation Practitioner Interview

MF 14 - Kenley Neufeld Dharma Meditation Teacher Thich Nhat Hanh Student Interview

MF 13 - Lisa Hamilton Conscious Runner Meditation in Motion Interview

MF 12 - Javier Perez-Karam Film Maker and Meditation Instructor

MF 011 Eric Zimmer of The One You Feed Podcast Interview

MF 010 Vipassana Meditation Dori Langevin Teacher Interview

MF 9 Carol Grever - When Your Spouse Comes Out - How Meditation Helped Heal

MF 008 John Hancock Labyrinth Walking Meditation Interview

MF 007 Sister Florence of Kairos Meditation House of Prayer Retreat Center Interview

MF 006 Russell Kolts Compassion Focused Therapy Meditation Interview

MF 005 Mary Webster Vipassana Recollective Awareness Meditation Teacher Interview

MF 004 Hal Rowe Zen Meditation Student Interview

MF 003 Gail Storey Meditation and Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail Interview

MF 002 Energy Meditation with Eala Ruby Heart

MF 001 - Introduction to the Meditation Freedom Podcast